Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Look Back on JonathanPark.com Through the Years

Over the past 14 years, the official website for Jonathan Park has changed very little. When Jonathan Park started at the Institute for Creation Research, the website looked like this.


Once Jonathan Park moved to Vision Forum, the website was changed to it's most recognizable form.

Vision Forum
It stayed generally the same for many years. Even when CreationWorks first owned Jonathan Park, it looked the same albeit with the new cover artwork and the CreationWorks stamp.

However, on September 17th, the CreationWorks team launched an entirely redesigned website for the show with some of the same color schemes and background as the last one. This time though, large pictures and a slick look is front & center and, for the first time, mobile friendly. They also added some new additions like the Discount Club and a sneak peek at something called Discovery Packs coming next year.


What do you think of the new design? What's your favorite version of JonathanPark.com?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Serenity at Sugarite Canyon - A Jonathan Park Short

As we wait excitedly for Album 10, the folks at CreationWorks have produced an original audio short of Jonathan Park! It's called Serenity at Sugarite Canyon. This 6 minute short, and more to come, gives us quick snapshots of the lives of the Parks and Brennans in situations that we don't normally hear in the radio series.

To take a break from all the stress of running the CRT and the Brenan Museum, the Park family goes camping at Sugarite Canyon. However, a break from nonstop adventures seems harder for some than others.

This marks the first appearance of Noah Taylor playing Jonathan. You can hear it on the official Jonathan Park website. Also, check out this video with 2 of the actors, including Noah Taylor, talking about this short.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What We Know So Far About Volume 10

After such a stellar story in Volume 9 and the shift from Vision Forum to CreationWorks, all JP fans are very excited to hear what will happen in Volume 10. However, this time, we have a little more information about what will happen in the new episodes. There's still a lot we don't know, but we decided to make a list of all the information we have thus far.

  • Noah Taylor has replaced Isaac Taylor as the voice of Jonathan. The Junior Response Team also has all-new voices.
  • Myles Morgan will be back and, apparently, will figure into some or all of the album's story arc.
  • At some point in the story, the Creation Response Team will find themselves on an actual place called Snake Island that houses one Golden Lancehead Viper per square meter – and they are five times more poisonous than their mainland counterparts.
  • The title of the album has been chosen, but is being kept a secret until the JP Facebook page gets 3,000 likes. (If you haven't already, make sure to go ahead and like it!)
  • Some old characters from past episodes will be featured. One that's been confirmed is Derek Dilts, the conniving, scheming guy who ran Rocket Ship One in Volume 7.
  • So far, the writers for the episodes are Pat Roy and the Riffenburgh family.
  • The album is tentatively set to release this fall, in either September or October.
It looks like it's shaping up to be a very fun album. We'll update this post if more details are released.

Are you excited to hear it? What part are you looking forward to the most?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Actor for Jonathan Park

The CreationWorks team is beginning to record new episodes of JP. The actor for Jonathan Park from the past two albums has been Isaac Taylor. However, his voice is much deeper now than it was when he took over the role. That means that it's time for a new actor to come and continue to keep Jonathan sounding young. And the new actor is...Noah Taylor!

Noah recently auditioned and won the part of Jonathan Park. He is now the fourth person to play the main character of the series. He is also the third son of the Taylor family to play Jonathan. His oldest brother Caleb acted in Volumes 3-5 and next oldest was in Volumes 8-9. I guess it runs in the family. That and they sound fairly similar to each other. Noah will make his debut in Volume 10 coming out later this year.

The Taylor boys in 2010: Isaac, Caleb, and Noah.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jonathan Park Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, and More

It finally happened! After years of being only available from Vision Forum's BlueBehemoth and ChristianAudio, Jonathan Park is finally available on all major digital music stores.

This includes iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3. All albums from Volume 1 to Volume 9 can now be bought on any service that you want with higher quality MP3s than was available before. You can also stream the show using Spotify. We've also updated all our album pages so you can quickly find the link to purchase the album of your choice. This is a great move for the new owners of Jonathan Park as this will let the show have more exposure to the general public and give current fans more choices on where to buy the adventures.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Jonathan Park Albums Now Re-Released!

It's official. All the albums of Jonathan Park have been repackaged and re-released. They are no longer out of print. Today, CreationWorks launched their store where you can buy CDs and MP3s of Albums 1-9. For today and tomorrow only, you can get any album 10% off with the promo code GRANDOPENING. They're also selling Jonathan Park t-shirts, a first for the series. There's no word on when or if the Goes to... albums and The Behind the Scenes Tour will be re-released. The CreationWorks website won't be the only place to buy JP merchandise. Albums 1-9 are available for preorder on Christian Book Distributors and the MP3 versions be available soon on places like iTunes and Spotify soon as well. Exciting things are happening. Spread the word: Jonathan Park is alive again!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Journey to Novarupta Audio Miniseries

The CreationWorks team may be hard at work rebranding the Jonathan Park series and producing the next album, but they also recently came out with a new 3 part radio drama mini series called Journey to Novarupta.

The year is 1916. Dr. Robert Griggs is leading a National Geographic expedition to a volcanic blast zone never seen by human eyes. As his team summits a hill, a valley spreads out before him with thousands of active volcanic vents. That area was named by his team as the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. And it was created by the largest volcano in modern times, Novarupta.

Almost a hundred years later creation researcher, Dr. David Shormann, discovers a book written by Griggs, and decides to return back this remote part of the Alaskan wilderness with his family and friends. Their goal is to document the overwhelming evidence for creation, the worldwide flood, and an ice age. Their goal is to find evidence to build the faith of Christians, and challenge the non-believer. But to do that, they’ll have to survive bear encounters, pumice storms and freezing rivers.

Many of the same cast and crew from JP worked on this project. It may be a different style of broadcast, but it still has the same great action and sound design as JP. You can hear a preview of the show and buy a CD or MP3 copy on the JTN website.