Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Actor for Jonathan Park

The CreationWorks team is beginning to record new episodes of JP. The actor for Jonathan Park from the past two albums has been Isaac Taylor. However, his voice is much deeper now than it was when he took over the role. That means that it's time for a new actor to come and continue to keep Jonathan sounding young. And the new actor is...Noah Taylor!

Noah recently auditioned and won the part of Jonathan Park. He is now the fourth person to play the main character of the series. He is also the third son of the Taylor family to play Jonathan. His oldest brother Caleb acted in Volumes 3-5 and next oldest was in Volumes 8-9. I guess it runs in the family. That and they sound fairly similar to each other. Noah will make his debut in Volume 10 coming out later this year.

The Taylor boys in 2010: Isaac, Caleb, and Noah.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jonathan Park Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, and More

It finally happened! After years of being only available from Vision Forum's BlueBehemoth and ChristianAudio, Jonathan Park is finally available on all major digital music stores.

This includes iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3. All albums from Volume 1 to Volume 9 can now be bought on any service that you want with higher quality MP3s than was available before. You can also stream the show using Spotify. We've also updated all our album pages so you can quickly find the link to purchase the album of your choice. This is a great move for the new owners of Jonathan Park as this will let the show have more exposure to the general public and give current fans more choices on where to buy the adventures.