Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What We Know So Far About Volume 10

After such a stellar story in Volume 9 and the shift from Vision Forum to CreationWorks, all JP fans are very excited to hear what will happen in Volume 10. However, this time, we have a little more information about what will happen in the new episodes. There's still a lot we don't know, but we decided to make a list of all the information we have thus far.

  • Noah Taylor has replaced Isaac Taylor as the voice of Jonathan. The Junior Response Team also has all-new voices.
  • Myles Morgan will be back and, apparently, will figure into some or all of the album's story arc.
  • At some point in the story, the Creation Response Team will find themselves on an actual place called Snake Island that houses one Golden Lancehead Viper per square meter – and they are five times more poisonous than their mainland counterparts.
  • The title of the album has been chosen, but is being kept a secret until the JP Facebook page gets 3,000 likes. (If you haven't already, make sure to go ahead and like it!)
  • Some old characters from past episodes will be featured. One that's been confirmed is Derek Dilts, the conniving, scheming guy who ran Rocket Ship One in Volume 7.
  • So far, the writers for the episodes are Pat Roy and the Riffenburgh family.
  • The album is tentatively set to release this fall, in either September or October.
It looks like it's shaping up to be a very fun album. We'll update this post if more details are released.

Are you excited to hear it? What part are you looking forward to the most?