Monday, December 17, 2012

R.I.P. Buddy Roy

I recently received an email from Pat Roy, JP's co-creator and writer, and it contained some information that I felt I should share with all of you.

Jonathan Park Team,
As many of you know, on our series the Brenans have a dog named Shadow.
From the very beginning of the series, we decided to use our dog, Buddy to play the role of Shadow, instead of using canned sound effects. And Buddy did do most of the tracks. Buddy could bark and howl on cue.
On Saturday night (December 3rd), Buddy lost a quick bout with a brain tumor. He was 14 years old (and was in pretty good health for his age).
His passions (besides acting) included camping, hanging out at the beach, canoeing, and protecting his family. He was one of the most tender-hearted dogs I’ve known. When Sandy and I first got Buddy (he actually chose us), we prayed that somehow he could be used for eternal purposes. It makes me smile that millions have heard him on our series, and that he was a tool for spreading the creation message. Further, he was often the door-opener for many witnessing opportunities.
I am fully aware that he was only a dog, but since he played a part on our team I wanted to pay him final tribute!
May the Lord continue to use all that we do for His glory!

So long, Buddy! God certainly uses all creatures great and small for His glory!

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