Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 New Jonathan Park Albums Coming Soon!

Most of us have already heard The Voyage Beyond. After that we all wondered when the next album will come out. Well, have we got some news for you!

A couple years ago, Vision Forum took Jonathan Park to new lengths by creating short-length features that focused primarily on the facts and evidence of God's Creation. This included Jonathan Park Goes to the zoo, Aqaurium, and Galapagos. Now a new Creation Guide album is coming out. It's called Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon. In it, Jonathan and his dad will trek through the jungles of the Amazon, talking about the animals and places they see. But unlike the last couple albums, this one will have a small storyline to it, including a villain. It wont be the same as a radio drama but pretty close. We don't know when it will be out but the team is working on it.

And the other album? Well, it's another adventure series album. Volume 8 to be exact. And the title?
The Copper Scroll! This album will be centered on archeology. Here's what we know so far:

In the eighth album of the series, Jonathan Park, his dad, Kendall, and others from the Creation Response Team are in Israel to investigate some human remains touted by evolutionists as proof for evolution. As they complete their mission to place the fossils back into a Creationist context, they decide to visit the ancient city and caves of Qumran, the mysterious location of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It appears these scrolls were placed in caves a couple of thousand years ago, to preserve the Word of God. These manuscripts, discovered in the 1950s and 60s have confirmed that God’s Word has remained unchanged over the centuries!
What the CRT discovers is that buried in Cave #3 at Qumran is the most interesting scroll of the over 900 discovered with it—The Copper Scroll! This ancient manuscript has baffled experts for years. It seems to be an ancient treasure map—telling the locations of more than 60 caches of untold wealth buried throughout the Holyland! The final text of the Copper Scroll mentions that there is a second scroll, one that will interpret the first, and is hidden in the lost city of Kohlit. However, treasure hunters have been looking for Kohlit for more than 50 years without success.
While investigating Cave #3, Jonathan stumbles across a clue that appears to have been hidden for millennia—a secret that may unlock the location of Kohlit—and the second Copper Scroll.
What follows is an amazing journey to some of the most exciting Biblical archeological discoveries of all time. Each one pointing back to the real account of God's Word!
Join Jonathan Park as he investigates:

The caves and community at Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The fallen walls of Jericho
The Babylonian Chronicles
The ancient city of Shechem
Ketef Hinnom
and many other exciting sites and artifacts.

But the thing is that the script writing has hit a bump so we may not be hearing this album for awhile yet. But meanwhile you can find out how you can help make the album happen and support the project here.

So which album are you more excited to hear?

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