Monday, July 11, 2011

Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon Now Available!

As the title of this post says, the fourth instalment of the special Creation information-centered albums is now out! In Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon, you can listen to some cool scientific and historical facts, along with a bit of a story. See the summary below:

Explore a lost world and uncover seven mysteries to the glory of God in Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon! Follow along as Jonathan and his father join Vision Forum—a Christian family ministry—and a team of explorers on an exciting adventure to the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains. Together they investigate some of the most amazing examples of God’s creation, discovering the true meaning of Christian stewardship from jungle paths to mountain peaks. When Jonathan’s laptop gets mixed up with a stranger’s at the Lima Airport, the adventure begins as two thrill-seekers become convinced the team is trying to find the Lost City of Gold. Join the excitement as Jonathan, Kendall, and the Vision Forum team explore the mysteries of Amazonia, while Ajay and Quentin stalk them in their pursuit of ancient treasure!
                                      For more info, see our page for this album.

Right now, you can order it directly from Vision Forum. As of yet, it's not available for purchase on, but it is currently in pre-order stage on Christian Book Distributors website.

Also, you can purchase Vision Forum's Amazon Adventures Bundle. It includes the JP Goes to the Amazon album and a special 4 DVD set, Into the Amazon. It contains several hours of footage taped of Doug Philips and a group of adventurers as they explore piranha-infested rivers and vampire bat caves, discover strange insects and fascinating plant life, fly over the strange Nazca lines, and encounter the remains of pagan civilizations that continue to negatively influence modern cultures. Both products complement each other quite well and are an excellent resource for Christians. If, you buy it before July 15th, you'll get 35% of the origianl price! See this link for more details.

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