Monday, September 12, 2011

The Future of JP Study Guides

We love to get Jonathan Park albums. Many of us fans have also come to enjoy receiving complimentary study guides along with them. The study guides emphasize the science and Scripture heard in the shows along with devotionals, experiments, etc. Well, starting with Vol. 6 The Journey Never Taken, that ended. No study guide was included. The study guide for that then was put on the Members section of The Official Site as a free digital download. Then Vol. 7 came along and no study guide with it.

This past summer, I was in a store that sold several JP albums. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the back of Vol. 2 and this is what I saw:

I wondered if this meant that Vision Forum was discontinuing sending the physical copies of the study guides. So I emailed them and got this reply:

We no longer produce physical copies of the Jonathan Park study guides. You can download digital copies of the study guides after becoming a member of the Junior Response Team.

So it looks like those paperbacks that you have are now a collector's item. Be on the lookout though for a digital study guide for Vol. 7 in the future!

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