Monday, October 3, 2011

Rick Wraith, Christian Detective

Are you like me? Waiting around, just longing to hear some JP shows? Well, we have something to tide you over until that happens!

The Riffenburgh Family, veteran homeschoolers, writers for Jonathan Park: The Voyage Beyond, and the founders of the Creation Adventure Family, have created their own radio drama! It's called Rick Wraith, Christian Detective. It's set in the 1930s during the Depression. It focuses on Rick Wraith, a private investigator, who along with his son, help bring criminals to justice. The show gives great scriptual truths and an exciting mystery. Also, hearing some familiar voices from JP is a plus. The first installment, For the Love of Money, is now available on CD and digital download. I've heard both parts and it's well worth your money! Check out their website to learn more.

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  1. These were pretty good. I imagine they're pretty historically accurate, and I loved the scene with Jack Bailey.